Midland Summer Camp

Enrich your child this summer with a whole new camp experience!

Midland Summer Music Camp

The Spaulding School of Music is now running an Music Camp in Midland! Check out these themes for the midland camp program! And this is just the start!

Music, Rhythm and Movement

For our youngest music enthusiasts, this will provide the opportunity to explore these musical elements. Each day includes clapping and rhythm games, action songs, the chance to try out lots of different instruments, crafts, and lots more!

Learn An Instrument

Take on the challenge of learning a new instrument or spend a week improving your skills on the one you are already learning. Group and individual instruction, music themed crafts, games and more! Choose from acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, violin/fiddle, flute, trumpet, and drums.

Love To Sing!

Learn important vocal skills including voice projection, singing with a microphone, and how to hit those high notes. You can choose to work on a solo piece, or work with friends and learn how to sing in a group with harmony. Best of all, at the end of each day you will have the opportunity to record your song and leave at the end of the week with your very own CD!

I'm With The Band

Do you sing or play an instrument but never have anyone to jam with? Now you have the opportunity to play in a real band! Individual and group instruction to improve your skills, and the opportunity at the end of each day to record a song and leave at the end of the week with your band's first CD!

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