School of Rock Summer Camp

By Popular Demand: We all loved the concept, now it is truly a reality!

School of Rock Summer Camp

The movie made the concept famous but the Spaulding School of Music is here to deliver!
What better place to involve your child this summer than  a music school that specializes in making music truly inspiring by learning how to play any instrument quickly by ear! 
Have your child join our summer program and they will learn how to play with a band of other kids in no-time!  

The results of our highly effective learning approach is already proven through our one-on-one lessons through the Spaulding Method but now your child can really dig in this summer and be forever impacted by having the ability to play a new instrument and jam with a whole new group of friends!
 Our ever-expanding team of teaching professionals is presently preparing our new "School of Rock" style summer camp.  Think your child is up to it?

Age restrictions will be determined by student enrolment because it is our aim to put children of like ages and general musical styling together, so inquire now and let us know that you would like to reserve a spot this summer!

The finale of the summer event (week long or multi-week long) will be to have your child participate in a recording studio project with their friends.   Imagine going into summer not knowing how to play a single note, but coming out with a new CD single!  Together we will make this  a reality!

We are very excited about this new program and we know you are too!  Contact us now so that we can continue to customize our new service based upon the ages and instruments that you requeste.  

Pricing will also depend on involvement as well therefore let us know early so that we can put the right package together for you!


Making world history right now!

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